Request Minister’s intervention

If you appealed to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for a refused or cancelled visa and the Tribunal confirms the negative decision, there may be a possibility to apply for a decision review to the Australian Minister for Immigration, however this will be possible in very limited cases. 

The Australian Minister has the power to replace a decision on a person’s case with a decision that is more favourable to that person if the Minister thinks it is in the public interest to do so. However, the Minister is not obliged to consider the case or, even if the case is considered, to approve the visa. The procedure may be dismissed quickly or may take years and there are specific guidelines that regulate the cases that could be considered; you can verify with Migration World if your case fits within these guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ask the Minister to consider my case if I have a visa refused?

Only very few particular cases end up before the Minister and only after the refusal has been confirmed by the Tribunal. Each case is different.