Doctors are very on-demand in Australia. Medical practitioners are required to be registered with their professional board, the Medical Board of Australia, which is part of AHPRA.

Health insurance

We know how complicated health insurance is, especially for the newly arrived or about to arrive migrants in Australia. Whilst having a Private Health insurance for some Visa classes is compulsory, for some others may be essential to protect the individuals or the entire family. 

We can assist you in choosing the correct visa cover, with adequate health protection.  There are several Health Insurance providers in Australia, which provide various packages. It is important to select the right one for you or to understand if you are not required to have an insurance policy at all, given Australia has reciprocal health agreements with other countries

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I covered by the Australian public health system?

It depends on the country of citizenship, some countries and health reciprocal arrangements. If you do not fall under these arrangements and if the visa you are on requires a compulsory health insurance, then you must seek a private one.

Is any private medical insurance eligible for any visa?

No. There are specific policies you have to hold in order to abide by the conditions of the visa you have.