Residential real estate

Whether you personally need to move into a new residential place, or your staff do, our business partner can assist you to meet the specific needs of completing this step which includes searching, negotiating and assisting in signing the contracts – both rental and purchasing/selling. 

The local knowledge is the key to achieve the right place that meets your specific needs, given the place you want to live can determine the time you travel to and from work or even which schools are on offer for your children. Hence, you can be ensured you have the proper requirements to send your children to the school that meets their wishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which State, city or suburb should I choose when I move to Australia?

Besides your personal preferences, you should also consider that in some State or cities you may have less or more visa options. In addition to this, if you have children, the suburb will also dictate the public school they will be enrolled in.