Relocation assistance

Following your permanent residence visa, it is the moment when you think of moving your belongings from your country of origin to Australia or, if you are an entrepreneur, you may require shipping your goods. Services include packing and unpacking of the goods and items, shipments (Sea, Rail or Truck), overseas, interstate or within the cities. 

Our business partner will design the best way to facilitate the relocation and will work with you to determine your exact needs to manage these complex tasks and ensure this journey is as pleasant as possible.

Pet relocation

Moving your dogs or cats or pets in general, domestically or internationally can be a complex task.  Given the possible specific quarantines regulations at your destination, which you need to be familiar with prior to your departure, you need a proper planning, which should be done in a timely and professional manner.  

Our team of relocation specialists, with the years of experience in this area will assist you by capturing your exact requirements and plan the move in a way so your pet arrives safe and on time to your destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there specific requirements to bring my pet in Australia?

Yes. Quarantine and health requirements apply to all animals. In order to avoid stress to your pet and verify if they have the right vaccinations, you should gather information in advance. We can help you with our partners.

Relocation assistance

When is it advisable to move my belongings if I am planning to transfer to Australia?

We strongly advise not to freight your belongings before your permanent residence is approved, in particular if you do not have a clear visa pathway.