Our team

Emanuela  Canini – Managing Director and Migration Agent
Emanuela  Canini – Managing Director and Migration Agent (Marn 095919)

Emanuela migrated to Australia from Italy in 2004. She experienced such a difficult migration process that her peculiar story was covered by media.  She had to fight against the inconsistencies of the system and eventually decided to pursue the profession of migration agent and has now 10 years of experience.

She has published several articles and other papers on the subject and currently appears on SBS radio Italian program, providing information and answering queries from the audience. She has also collaborated with Universities and she is currently doing a Ph.D. at the University of Sydney.

Dhevika Rani – Migration Agent
Dhevika Rani – Migration Agent (Marn 1173426)

Dhevika moved to Australia from Singapore 20 years ago as a business migrant. Combining her astute business management skills and training in Australian migration law, she has for over 10 years now successfully managed the migration needs of many businesses and skilled migrants, particularly in the fields of engineering, mining, construction and hospitality.

Dhevika also has an excellent track record of assisting clients with partner visas and other family visas. In addition, Dhevika has successfully handled many appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal on behalf of clients.

Anna Giulia Scotti – Migration Agent (Marn 1569859)

Anna Giulia moved to Australia from Brazil 10 years ago as a skilled migrant. With a wealth of international studies and professional experience, she applies her passion and expertise for migration matters to each case every day. 

Anna Giulia speaks fluently English, Portuguese, Italian and has been successfully assisting corporate and individual clients in relation to long and short-term visa solutions, permanent migration pathways to Australia as well as visa compliance and requirements.

Migration World is a team of professionals who established an immigration agency specialised in Australian immigration law in 2009. Our main office is in Sydney.

We consult with clients from all over the world and we are a multicultural team, speaking fluently different languages, such as English, Italian, Portuguese and Malay. We also read Spanish and French. While you can feel more comfortable by speaking your own language during a consultation or during the preparation of a visa application, you can also save money by limiting the costs for official translation of documents, as we are able to indicate the correct ones you should translate by reading the originals up-front or suggest the necessary amendments before proceeding with the translations.

At Migration World we are all former migrants and we do understand our clients’ needs, so we have partnered with other trusted businesses in order to provide further services that are usually part of the process of moving to another country and accompanying you in your journey from the time you make your decision till you settle.

Migration World also partners with Canadian and New Zealand agencies, should you prefer these destinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Migration World located?

Our main office is in Sydney – Australia, however we have contact points in Perth and Brisbane too with regards to Australia’s immigration. Our partner agents are in Christchurch (New Zealand) and Kelowna (Canada). Regardless of the specific locations, we can represent and consult with clients all over the world.

What kind of experience can Migration World provide?

At Migration World we are all former migrants, we have gone through the migration process and we had almost all type of visas ourselves, so we do understand the stress and the hurdles. Our main focus is on Employer Sponsored visas, General Skilled Migration, Business visas and Family visas. We are operating since 2009.

Who is the founder of Migration World?

The founder and current managing director is Emanuela Canini. Emanuela migrated from Italy in 2004 and faced an incredibly difficult four-year struggle to obtain her permanent residence. Her story was also reported by several media, as she had to challenge the Australian Federal Government and other authorities in order to stay in the country. That is the reason why she decided to pursue the migration industry career. She has now many years of experience, has published papers on the subject and currently appears on SBS radio Italian program, providing information and answering queries from the audience. She has also collaborated with Universities.

Can I book an appointment with a Canadian or New Zealand agent in the office?

Our agent partners are in Canada and New Zealand, so all consultations are via teleconference. We prefer our agents to be in the location of migration so they can be more up-to-date and better informed about the country situation.