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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the first consultation work?

We will ask you to fill a questionnaire with all your details and send us a brief email explaining your situation. This phase is very important. If you do not give complete or correct answers, the consultation will be incomplete or incorrect. Therefore, please be careful with the information you provide. The cost of the consultation will vary depending on the duration of the meeting (one hour or half an hour) and you will be provided with payment options. Depending on your location, you may book a face to face consultation in our offices or a skype consultation. In both cases, you will be provided with the recording of the meeting, so you can review the information anytime.

Why consultations are not free?

Each case is unique, which means that for each consultation the immigration agents will need specific information and details. They will have to do some research and take the time to give correct and specific answers to every single situation. In few words, the immigration agent performs a service that, as such, must be paid.

What if I do not need a full consultation, but I want just to ask a few questions?

Very often the questions presume that the agent asks the client a further number of questions. The agent will then need to do some research on the subject in order to give the correct answer. It goes without saying that the few questions become an actual consultation.

On the contrary, when the questions are generic and easy to answer and do not relate to a specific case, no payment will be required. But if the number of questions is considerable or require more research and takes time to answer, a consultation fee will apply. In any case, once we have received your email, you will be notified if there is a cost or not. You are advised to visit our website before sending us an email with your questions, because the site provides a lot of free information that may give you the answer. In addition to this, you can visit our news page for free updates.

Can I ask questions over the phone?

We prefer not to respond to technical questions (i.e. about the law of immigration) on the phone for legal reasons. It is agent’s duty to give correct advice to clients; it is also good practice to keep records of the conversations. We therefore prefer to respond by email. You can certainly call us in order to understand our working modalities if they are not clear or regarding appointments and other matters.

I know already what visa I can apply for. Can I skip the first consultation?

The agent has a legal responsibility on each visa application and if the customer is not eligible, the agent has the obligation to discourage the client to submit the application. For this reason, the agent, who has a complete picture of the law, must always check that the requirements are fulfilled, because the assessment made by the client may be incorrect; however, you can still decide to proceed with the visa application. Should we realise that you are not eligible, or the probability of refusal is high, we will advise you against the application lodgment.

What can I expect from the consultation?

The agent has a duty to explain the clients their visa options, taking into consideration the immigration law. The client, however, cannot always expect simple solutions or good news. If you go to the doctor, the diagnosis is not always positive.

It is true that some laws may be interpreted (in which case the agent can express an opinion based on experience and statistics), but most of the requirements of theDepartment of Immigration are very clear and if the client does not meet them, often there is no alternative. That said, the client still has every right to seek a second opinion from another agent.

What determines the success of a visa?

The outcome of the visa depends on the Department of Immigration’s decision. An agent can help in preparing all the documentation but does not have any decision-making power. In addition to this, the guarantee of 100% positive outcome of the visa application is illegal.

If the agent’s opinion is negative, can I still ask to forward the visa application?

By law the agent is obliged to inform the client about the percentage of success for the application. If the probability of refusal is very high, the agent has the duty to inform the client and discourage the client to proceed. In addition to this, an agent may be investigated by the professional board and may be subject to sanctions.

What kind of information I CANNOT obtain from the migration agent?

All the information outside our expertise. Although some matters are related to visa applications, we only take care of what is concerned in order to obtain the visa; not the whole matter. If you want to learn more about other services, we will refer you to our business partners.  See our website for other services or contact us.

Once confirmed that we can proceed with the visa application, how can we organise the payment?

Once the contract has been signed by both parties, the client will proceed to the payment of the agent’s fee. The deposit will be kept, by law, in a clients’ account. Then the client will pay the Government fees few days before submitting the application. At the end of the service, the agent will be able to withdraw the amount from the clients’ account and issue an invoice/statement of service.

If I change my mind or for some reasons I do not want or can no longer proceed with the visa application, what happens to the contract and the deposit?

The contract may be ended by both parties. The agent will withhold the amount equivalent to the work done till that moment and will refund the rest. This will happen even in the event that the sponsor no longer wishes to continue the contract.

If I have done a consultation already and I have the requirements for an employer sponsored visa and I find an available sponsor, should the sponsor proceed with a consultation as well?

We do advise to do so. To be approved by the Department of Immigration, the sponsor must meet specific requirements too, so a consultation will be necessary. Payment can be made by the sponsor or by the applicant depending on their own agreement, however by law the sponsor should pay if the visa is a TSS 482. It is your choice if you prefer to make a joint consultation during the same appointment.

In case of sponsored visa applications, who is responsible for the payment?

For TSS 482 visas, the sponsor must pay the Government nomination, the Skilling Australians Fund (SAF) and sponsorship fees, as well as the agent’s fees for those stages; while the applicant may pay for the visa application, both Government and agent’s fees. In case of an Employer Nomination 186 and Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme 187 visas, the sponsor is obliged to pay for the SAF only.

For all other visas, the payment will be decided in accordance with the two parties.