Migration Tribunal appeals and Ministerial interventions

Do you have a visa, which has been refused or cancelled by the Australian Department of Immigration? If you have a case that is legally reviewable by a Tribunal, you can appeal and try to overturn the Department’s decision. However, there are Tribunal fees and a long processing time involved. You can certainly verify with a Migration Agent, if there are grounds to appeal and if you have all the requirements in order to win the appeal of your visa, nomination or sponsorship that has been refused or cancelled. Should that Tribunal outcome be negative, there are exceptional cases, where you can ask the Minister for Immigration to consider your case for a favourable decision.
No-one can legally guarantee 100% success of an appeal, hence seeking for advice is paramount before proceeding, because it will prevent you from wasting time and unnecessary expenses. Migration World can assess your situation first and then can help you with the preparation of the appeal, please contact us for information.

Health insurance

It is compulsory for some visa subclasses to hold an Australian private health insurance. Migration World can arrange a contact with a health insurance provider, even if you are overseas. Our provider will contact you via email or via phone; for more information, contact us at info@migrationworld.com.au


We provide a translation service for those clients we are assisting for a visa or appeal application. Our partners are NAATI registered. We will provide you with a quote before proceeding.

School enrolment for students’ dependants

When students apply for a Student visa and have children (from 5 to 18 years of age) included in their application, it is a requirement of the visa that their children are enrolled in a school in Australia. Migration World will contact the Department of Education of the State where the client is going to study, in order to obtain a Confirmation of Placement for their children. Clients will then have to finalise the enrolment with the chosen school on arrival in person.

English and professional courses

If you are a student, Migration World can offer you a full package “course + visa” through our Education agents’ partners. A wide range of courses are available in private schools, colleges or Universities: from English to professional courses, from Certificate III to Bachelors or Master courses. Contact us to know what options are there for you in your city of choice in Australia.

Resume and reference letters assessment

Some visas or skill assessment procedures require to demonstrate work experience through a detailed resume and reference letters. It is extremely important that this information is given to the Department of the immigration or the skill assessment authority in the clearest way to avoid a refusal. Migration World can assist you in assessing your reference letters and your resume, we will check spelling and grammar mistakes and if the information contained are clearly understandable and outlined properly according to the authority standards. We will also give you an opinion regarding the content, however we will not write your resume or reference letters for you, as they are up to your employers.

Licensing for trades people

If you are willing to work in Australia as a trade person, for example as an electrician, plumber or refrigeration mechanic, you will be required to have a licence. The timeframe to obtain a full licence may be very long, due to the fact that some licences require a twelve-month work under supervision, however a provisional licence may be obtained after the licensing authority has initially assessed your skills. You may be required to go through an eligibility, interview and/or a practical assessment. Migration World can help you identify what kind of criteria you are required and what documentation needs to be prepared for your licence process. Why don’t you engage a professional, a Migration Agent already in Australia to make the process quicker and more effective? Your paper documentation can be collected while you are still in your country. For more information, contact us at info@migrationworld.com.au

Please indicate in your email: your visa status and expiry date, occupation and country of origin, the countries where you have worked and years of experience.

Recognised prior learning (RPL)

Some visas or licensing processes require a qualification in your occupation. You may have many years of work experience but no qualification or formal apprenticeship. It is often possible to obtain a qualification through a Recognised Training Organisation (RTO) by way of assessing your work experience. Eligibility varies case by case and may require an interview or a practical assessment. Please note that the qualification will be issued with a current date, so your previous work experience will be considered pre-qualification for visa purpose. Contact us for more information at info@migrationworld.com.au , indicate the type of qualification you wish to obtain and send us your CV. Migration World may be able to help you through our business partners.

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