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Radio interview:

In this interview on SBS in Italian, we explain what has changed from 1 July 2018 and what we expected to see but has not occurred.


Skill assessment for RSMS 187: change of direction

The idea of imposing the skill assessment to all occupations for the RSMS 187 visa has been placed on hold. It appears that it will not happen on 1.7.18. The Department of immigration advises on its website that more information will be provided later.


General Skilled Migration: 65 points required from 1 July 2018

The Government has decided to increase the pass mark for all General Skilled Migration visas (189, 190, 489). All the candidates who are invited to apply before 1.7.18 will still be required to have 60 points, while those invited after 1.7.18 will be required to have 65.


Can the Australian Border Force search your phone or your laptop at the airport?

Yes, they can, as per section 252 of the Migration Act 1958. This happens in particular when the officer has reasonable grounds for cancelling the visa, for example when a visitor is coming to Australia for work purpose.


Radio interview:

We are close to the end of the financial year, what are the possible migration law changes we have to consider for 1st of July 2018? Here an interview in Italian on SBS to remind the audience.


The Department of Jobs and Small Business has published its advice on the occupations that should be removed, added or moved on the lists on 1.7.18. This represents only a suggestion to the Government that will later decide their own changes. Check if your occupation is in the recommendation:


Radio interview:

The most recent updates in terms of State and Territory nominations for skilled and business migration for this last part of the financial year. Emanuela Canini talks about this and other topics in this interview in Italian.


Radio interview:

The Government has announced the Budget plan for next financial year. Emanuela Canini explains how migrants will be affected and will also talk about the Centrelink issue for Parent visas, that the Government seems to have resolved, allowing overseas parents to join their children maintaining the previous law. The interview is in Italian.


Conference presentation

Migrants are more and more entrapped in a cycle of temporary visas for many years before being able to obtain permanent residence. How have we arrived to this? How much migrants pay for the right to stay in Australia? How much Australia earns from this phenomenon? Emanuela Canini presents in “Diaspore Italiane – Living Transcultural Spaces” conference in Melbourne. The presentation is in English.


Radio interview:

How many visa applications were refused or cancelled to Italians in the last 10 years? Here the statistics in an interview with Emanuela Canini on SBS radio. The interview is in Italian.


Radio interview:

Emanuela Canini in an interview on SBS radio explains how the recent law change of the Social Security Act impacts on Parent visas and their sponsors. From 1.4.18, only sponsoring children with a considerable salary can provide an Assurance of Support and can sponsor their parents. Follow the link for the podcast, the interview is in Italian.


Radio interview:

The TSS visa 482 is now on and the 457 visa has been officially replaced. Listen about the new requirements on the TSS visa and also some details about the RSMS 187 visa. The interview is in Italian.


Latest news about 457 visa holders:

Further information has been released by the Department of immigration in regards to transitional laws for those who holds or had applied for a 457 visa before 18.4.17 and would like to apply for permanent residence, in spite of the law changes. Those who fit in the transitional laws will be allowed to apply for permanent residence through the ENS visa – Temporary Residence Transition stream – till March 2022.

Follow the link


Radio interview:

Finally some more clarifications about the law changes from the Department of Home Affairs. Emanuela Canini explains the news in this interview in Italian on SBS radio:


Clarification about legislation changes coming in March 2018:

The Department of Home Affairs has published information regarding the changes coming after the abolition of the 457 visa in March 2018. One of the important changes will be the requirement of having two years of work experience in order to be eligible for a TSS visa. Some part time or internship work may be considered in some cases. To know more, follow the link.


Radio interview:

The new proposal for the residence rule in order to obtain the citizenship says that eight years of permanent residence will be necessary to be eligible. In this interview, Emanuela Canini talks about this new proposed bill and other news about March 2018 employer sponsored visa changes. The interview is in Italian.


New proposed bill for Australian citizenship:

In spite of being disallowed few months ago for controversial proposed measures, here the new bill is and proposes eight years of permanent residence as a requirement to obtain citizenship by conferral, as well as competent English for most of the applicants.


Radio interview:

What is a Labour Agreement and how does it work? Emanuela Canini explains this little known option in this interview in Italian. 


Change of the occupation lists:

The Department of Home Affairs has changed some of the occupations on the lists on 17.1.18. Check if you have been affected here:


Radio interview:

The latest news from the Department of Immigration says that the list will be revised on or about 17.1.18. This and other many news for the expected 2018 changes in this interview in Italian.


Radio interview:

2017 Has been a year with many migration law changes. Emanuela Canini remind us what changes we have seen in this interview in Italian.


Interesting report about visa scams

A journalist from SBS Viceland has investigated on visa scams. People pay high sums in order to secure a job for sponsorship or a marriage for visa purpose. Beware of these scams.


News: the Senate has disallowed the law on PIC 4020 and other laws

The ban of 10 years on visas where a bogus document or information was provided has lasted only few days, the new law is no longer in force from 5.12.17 and the law has returned to the previous rule.


Radio interview:

The Department of Immigration is refusing visa applications with incomplete documentation. Listen to this radio interview, where Emanuela Canini explains what is happening. The interview, which is in Italian, also talks about new visa conditions and other news.


Radio interview:

Did you hold or applied for a 457 visa on 18 April 2017, when the Government made the announcements about migration law changes? The Department of Immigration has published some news about possible transitional laws that will protect the 457 visa holders willing to apply for permanent residence after March 2018. Emanuela Canini explains what has been published. This interview is in Italian.


News from the Department of Immigration for 457 visa holders:

Do you have a 457 visa and you were affected by the law changes last April 2017? The Department of Immigration has updated the information in regards to certain 457 visa holders and the effect of next law changes predicted for March 2018. Check the announcement here


Radio interview:

When are health examinations required for a visa? Emanuela Canini explains the procedure and gives examples. The interview is in Italian.


Radio interview:

Latest news on citizenship

Emanuela Canini explains in an interview on SBS radio what happened to the proposed new requirements for the Australian citizenship and what applicants can do now. The interview is in Italian. 


Book launch in Sydney:

Australia’s new wave of Italian migration

The authors concentrate their attention on the last migration wave of Italians in Australia. In her chapter, Emanuela talks about the problematic issues encountered by Italians in their visa applications. The book will be launched at Sydney University on 26.10.17. Details in the flyer.

The book is in English and is available here


Radio interview:

News for 457 visa holders

Will 457 visa holders be able to obtain permanent residence after March 2018 if their occupation is on the Medium-long term list? How can you ask to prioritise your 457 application, considering the current long processing time? Listen to this interview, Emanuela Canini talks about the latest news. The interview is in Italian. 


Recent Publication:

Australia’s new wave of Italian migration

Together with other authors, Emanuela Canini explores the factors that have influenced the arrival of Italians in these last years. In her chapter, Emanuela talks about the problematic issues encountered by Italians in their visa applications.

The book is in English and is available here

The book will be launched in Melbourne on 5 October 2017 and the event is free. For details and to register visit 

Another event will be held in Sydney with a date and venue to be advised. For details check this page later.

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