What's intra-company transfers?

An intra-company transfer is the process of transferring an employee from your main company in your own country to your registered company or to your branch office in Australia or of sending one of your managers to open and run a new business in Australia. In this category, we also include the cases where a specialised worker is sent to Australia for a short-term project or for a contractual obligation towards another Australian company.

Who can benefit from intra-company transfers?

Those who are seeking to expand a business into Australia or are employers desiring to transfer a valuable foreign worker to Australia for a short or long period, whether it is for an engineering or construction project, machinery installation or repair, import-export, managerial work, etc.

Process of intra-company transfers

Any of these employees will require a visa with work permission according to the Australian migration and employment law.
Depending on the purpose of the engagement, a specific visa will have to be requested. In some cases, the overseas company will have to be approved as a sponsor and satisfy some requirements.

How can we help you?

Our consultants are cognizant of the very latest changes in immigration regulations and procedures and are ready to work with you step by step to see the process through to its completion.

We have helped many other businesses to build successful strategies for employing overseas workers in Australia and our firm is entirely focused on the practice of immigration law.

Please contact us for more details, either by phone or via email.

We will be with you from the beginning right to the completion of your project and beyond for an ongoing assistance, including:

  • Initial consultation to plan the proper strategy
  • Assessment of the company and the workers’ skills
  • Guidance on collecting the appropriate documentation required
  • Assistance on official document translations
  • Assistance in obtaining the Medical Insurance required by the visa
  • Visa application preparation and lodgement
  • Communication with the Department of Immigration until the completion of the application
  • Ongoing assistance in case of changes of circumstances due to any situation variations
  • Assistance with any legislation change
  • Providing connections to other professionals in other aspects of the business process, such as Legal, Accounting, Technology.



An overseas company, that is engineering specialised in infra-structures, won a tender for the construction of a highway in Australia. The project was predicted to last about three years and a number of engineers was required to participate at several stages.
The company consulted with Migration World in order to understand the visa process and the best way to comply with the migration law given the company needs. A strategy was set up and the company registered a new business in Australia and applied to become a sponsor. Subsequently, the appropriate visas were requested for the engineers at several stages of the project, as required by the company. Migration World assisted also with managing the workers’ short trips back to the main company during the applications by requesting bridging visas and with several changes of circumstances, such as change of passports, change of laws and inclusion of family members on the engineers’ visas.


An overseas company, that exports machinery in Australia, required their technicians to install the equipment and train the purchasing clients. The company consulted with Migration World and decided not to establish a business in Australia, but only request the appropriate visas for a short-term period. After months, the company was required to send other technicians in order to re-calibre the machines and Migration World assisted in the process.

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