Looking to convert from 457 or TSS to PR?

There are few different options to convert a 457 or TSS to Permanent residency.

Through Employer Sponsored visas (ENS/RSMS)
Through Skilled Migration (GSM visas – 189, 190, 489), and
As the Partner of an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident or eligible New Zealand citizen.

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Switch Employer with a 457 or TSS Visa:

You must make sure that the new employer:

  • Holds a valid Standard Business Sponsorship; or
  • Is eligible and willing to apply for a valid Standard Business Sponsorship

Subsequently, the sponsor must nominate you and only at the approval you can leave the previous sponsored employment.

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Our Visa Process
  • Migration World will first assess your situation and your sponsor’s
  • If you or your sponsor fail to satisfy some requirements, we will advise you on how to obtain them
  • We’ll then guide you for documents collections and form fillings in order to apply
  • We’ll then keep communication with the Department of Immigration till a decision on the visa is made.
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What's a TSS Visa?

With a TSS visa you can work in Australia up to two or four years, depending on your occupation. You can bring your family with you (they can work and study) and you can travel in and out of Australia at any time. You are required to have a sponsor, that’s to say an employer that will offer you a job. The sponsor must also satisfy some requirements.

This visa process has three stages, these steps must be done in specific times and with specific forms and documents:

1. Sponsorship application

The employer must apply to become a Standard Business Sponsor; the business must be legally registered and lawfully operating.

2. Nomination application

The approved business sponsor is required to lodge an application for a position that needs to be filled. The occupation must be on the relevant immigration list, the position must be genuine and paid according to the national market rate with a minimum threshold that is set every year by the Government.

3. Visa application

The prospective visa applicant must lodge an application for a subclass TSS visa. The occupation must match the position proposed and the applicant must show to have the skills to perform the duties and licensing, if applicable. Applicants from some countries working in some occupations will require a skill assessment. The applicant must also sit an English test, some exceptions apply, and be free from medical conditions and criminal convictions.

We can help you to arrange a skill assessment or any licensing required for your visa

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